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Manage your energy costs and profitability by harnessing the Sun!

Energy costs for industrial and commercial entities in India accounts for almost 30-40% of the operational costs. Cost of generating solar energy from Rooftops of factories and commercial buildings have come down drastically, thanks to technological upgradations and project execution efficiency.

In these critical times, every penny saved on energy costs help enterprises to sustain the demanding business environment and invest their resources in most promising priorities.

Sugs Lloyd Solar- Your Solar Partner

Benefits of solar power

Thousands of homeowners and business are choosing to invest in solar power

Solar rebates and incentives

Due to the availability of rebates and tax incentives the cost of investing in solar power is far less

Solar power costs

The total cost of fully installed PV system depends upon a number of factors.System size plays the largest role in determining the cost.

Solar payback and financials

There are many benefits to going solar such as minimising the impact to environment and achieving energy independence

Going SolarLearn how solar works and how to go solar!

How solar power works

We provide one of the most thorough and precise solar site evaluation, and energy generation estimation in the industry.

How to get solar

Ever increasing energy bills for the industrial and commercial entities, make Solar the most cost competitive source of energy leading to long term profitability and environmental sustainability.

Sugs Lloyd Solar- options for you

Capex projects

100% ownership There are many ways to out right purchase yours olar power system, including a loans,as well as full,up front payments. This is a cost-effective option for many home owners.

Opex Projects

You only pay for the energy consumed We have partnered with third-party financing groups to ensure that solar energy consumers who prefer Opex mode their solar projects receive the best deal possible in terms of performance, services and economics.


You can enter into a long term PPA to purchase solar generated energy at pre defined rates.

EMI Options

For residential projects and MSME entities , case to case basis emi options are also available to invest into a solar project.

Commercial Energy Sale from solar

As a long term investment into solar energy you can finance a solar investment through third party seller mode, to reap long term benefits.

How the Zero Investment model works

  • Sugs Lloyd provides Up front Investment and setup the plant
  • Sugs Lloyd signs a Power Purchase Agreement(PPA)with customer
  • Sugs Lloyd does Designing, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of the plant on the premises of the customer
  • The customer pays as per used
  • The customer enjoys Guaranteed Savings through reduction in electricity bills as Sugs Lloyd tariffs are and will always belower than that of grid
  • Sugs Lloyd provides Hassle - Free Maintenance to the plant through real - time analytics and remote monitoring system.

Solar - The Multitude of Opportunities Offered :

  • Long term energy prices and savings visibility
  • Hedge against ever escalating energy prices
  • Efficient utilization of unused space
  • Minimal losses of energy, as no long-distance transmission required
  • Additional savings through tax provisions and tax holiday period
  • No day to day involvement needed
  • Zero upfront investment option

Solar - the path to savings and clean energy

Solar installation planning- Important factors

When you go solar,you get more than savings - you get peace of mind. Compatibility to your needs and savings are determined by multiple factors, including:

What we do in Sugs Lloyd Site Survey

  • Explanation of what a solar system is and how it works
  • Shadow Analysis of surrounding obstacles using advanced tools
  • Integration with existing power sources, metering arrangement etc
  • Site measurements and layout/contourmapping
  • Solarir radiation mapping based on site
  • Noting Special Requirements [ifany)

Solar- chain of activities

  • What to Expect During the Solar Process:
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Free, No-Obligation Consultation
  • Solar Program Enrolment
  • Site assessment, Design, Permitting & Installation
  • Final Inspection & Activation